November 25, 2015


2015 Print Subscription Rates
Volume 60(1) to 60(12)-ISSN 0706-7437; Online journal: ISSN 1497-0015

2015 Subscription Request Form

The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry now has 3 subscription options to better serve our readers’ needs.
Option 1: Traditional print-only subscription $225.00 (Canadian) $320.00 (International)
Option 2: online-only subscription $215.00 (Canadian) $215.00 (International)
Option 3: print and online subscription $260.00 (Canadian) $385.00 (International)

All orders must be prepaid in Canadian dollars. Rates apply for a calendar-year subscription (12 issues and supplements). GST/HST is applicable to all Canadian subscriptions based on the subscriber’s province or territory. GST #R118835412. Print prices include postage by regular mail. To allow electronic access for online subscriptions, institutional subscribers must provide at least one IP address, with a maximum of 10, and individual subscribers must provide an email address. The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry does not offer agency discounts.

Cheques should be made payable to The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry and mailed to:

The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry
141 Laurier Avenue West, Suite 701
Ottawa, ON K1P 5J3 Canada

Phone: (613) 234-2815 ext. 221 Fax: (613) 234-9857
E-mail: Web site:

Payment can be made with Visa or MasterCard if card number, expiry date, and signature are provided when submitting the order via mail, fax or email.

Subscription claims for missing issues can be made at the end of the month after publication (e.g., the September issue may not reach Asia until late October) and are honoured within the following times:
Canadian: up to six months
International: up to one year; however, delivery is at subscriber’s risk.
Additional copies are available for purchase.

Print back issue requests are processed only after receipt of payment of Can$30.00 plus GST/HST, as applicable, per issue, including postage by regular mail.
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