April 17, 2014

Vol 59, No 4, April 2014 avril
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Regional Tertiary Psychiatric Care and Rehabilitation Authorities for People With Severe Mental Illness in Canada
Alain Lesage
 Implementing a Continuum of Evidence-Based Psychosocial Interventions for People With Severe Mental Illness: Part 1—Review of Major Initiatives and Implementation Strategies
Matthew Menear, Catherine Briand
  Implementing a Continuum of Evidence-Based Psychosocial Interventions for People With Severe Mental Illness: Part 2—Review of Critical Implementation Issues
Catherine Briand, Matthew Menear
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Les interventions basées sur les résultats probants en réadaptation psychiatrique : auxquelles accorder la priorité et pourquoi?
Tania Lecomte, Marc Corbière, Claude Leclerc
Predictors of Alcohol and Drug Dependence
Marie-Josée Fleury, Guy Grenier, Jean-Marie Bamvita, Michel Perreault, Jean-Caron
Psychiatric Disorders in Outpatients With Borderline Intellectual Functioning: Comparison With Both Outpatients From Regular Mental Health Care and Outpatients With Mild Intellectual Disabilities
Jannelien Wieland, Sara Kapitein-de Haan, Frans G Zitman
The Mood Disorders Association of British Columbia Psychiatric Urgent Care Program: A Preliminary Evaluation of a Suggested Alternative Model of Outpatient Psychiatric Care
Ronald A Remick, Yuriko Araki, Robin Bruce, Chris Gorman, Judy Allen, Abigail K Remick, Scott A Lear
  Trauma Reactivation Plus Propranolol Is Associated With Durably Low Physiological Responding During Subsequent Script-Driven Traumatic Imagery
Alain Brunet, Émilie Thomas, Daniel Saumier, Andrea R Ashbaugh, Abdelmadjid Azzoug, Roger K Pitman, Scott P Orr, Jacques Tremblay

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