January 30, 2015

Vol 60, No 1, January 2015 janvier
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The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry in 2014 and Beyond
Scott B Patten
Problems From the Past and Prevention for the Future
Scott B Patten
STAR*D and Measurement-Based Care for Depression: Don’t Toss Out the Baby!
Raymond W Lam, Sidney H Kennedy
The STAR*D Trial: It Is Time to Reexamine the Clinical Beliefs That Guide the Treatment of Major Depression
H Edmund Pigott eTable 1

Depression and Employment Status in Primary and Tertiary Care Settings
Sakina J Rizvi, Anna Cyriac, Etienne Grima, Mary Tan, Peter Lin, Laura Ashley Gallaugher, Roger S McIntyre, Sidney H Kennedy eFigure 3
Descriptive Epidemiology of Major Depressive Disorder in Canada in 2012
Scott B Patten, Jeanne V A Williams, Dina H Lavorato, Jian Li Wang, Keltie McDonald, Andrew GM Bulloch
The Prevalence of Major Depression Is Not Changing
Scott B Patten, Jeanne V A Williams, Dina H Lavorato, Kirsten M Fiest, Andrew G M Bulloch, JianLi Wangi]
Stahl’s Illustrated Violence: Neural Circuits, Genetics and Treatment Review by Jan Volavka
Electroconvulsive Therapy in Children and Adolescents Review by Pappu S Reddy and Nasreen Roberts
Santé mentale, santé spirituelle : dialogue entre un psychiatre et un théologien Révisé par Raymond Tempier
Transference and Countertransference Today Review by Paul Ian Steinberg

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