April 18, 2015

Vol 60, No 4, April 2015 avril
Print ISSN 0706-7437
Online ISSN 1497-0015

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What Is the Latest in Pain Mechanisms and Management?
Mary E Lynch
Chronic Pain, Psychopathology, and DSM-5 Somatic Symptom Disorder
Joel Katz, Brittany N Rosenbloom, Samantha Fashler
New Developments in the Psychological Management of Chronic Pain
Stephen Morley, Amanda Williams
Long-Term Consequences of Neonatal Injury
Simon Beggs
Characteristics and Needs of Psychiatric Patients With Prolonged Hospital Stay
Marc Afilalo, Nathalie Soucy, Xiaoqing Xue, Antoinette Colacone, Emmanuelle Jourdenais, Jean-François Boivin
Risk Factors for Progression of Alzheimer Disease in a Canadian Population: The Canadian Outcomes Study in Dementia (COSID)
Nathan Herrmann, Tetsuhiro Harimoto, Robert Balshaw, Krista L Lanctôt, The Canadian Outcome Study in Dementia Investigators
Re: Military Deployments, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and Suicide Risk in Canadian Armed Forces Personnel and Veterans
Mark A Zamorski, Elizabeth Rolland-Harris, Rakesh Jetly, Andrew Downes, Jeff Whitehead, Jim Thompson, David Pedlar
Re: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: the Misappropriation of Military Suicide Causation and Medication Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, With Reply
Daniel Chinedu Okoro
Informed Consent to Treatment in Psychiatry
Grainne Neilson, Gary Chaimowitz, Joaquin Zuckerberg
Le consentement libre et éclairé aux soins en psychiatrie
Grainne Neilson, Gary Chaimowitz, Joaquin Zuckerberg
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