August 30, 2015

Vol 60, No 8, August 2015 aout
Print ISSN 0706-7437
Online ISSN 1497-0015

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Identifying and Assessing Barriers to Optimal Outcomes for Psychosis: An Important Research Focus
Philip Tibbo
Service Engagement in First-Episode Psychosis: Current Issues and Future Directions
Shalini Lal, Ashok Malla
The Effect of Paternal Age on Relapse in First-Episode Schizophrenia
Christy L M Hui, Cindy P Y Chiu, Yuet-Keung Li, Chi-Wing Law, Wing-Chung Chang, Sherry K W Chan, Edwin H M Lee, Pak Sham, Eric Y H Chen
Nightmares in Patients With Psychosis: The Relation With Sleep, Psychotic, Affective, and Cognitive Symptoms
Bryony Sheaves, Juliana Onwumere, Nadine Keen, Daniel Stahl, Elizabeth Kuipers
Validation of a Population-Based Algorithm to Detect Chronic Psychotic Illness
Paul Kurdyak, Elizabeth Lin, Diane Green, Simone Vigod
Psychological Characteristics of Problem Gamblers With and Without Mood Disorder
Jamey J Lister, Aleks Milosevic, David M Ledgerwood
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