July 31, 2014

Vol 59, No 7, July 2014 juin
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Support, Patience, and Expectancy: Therapeutic Options Alongside Intensified Treatments for Depression?
Scott B Patten
Treatment-Resistant Depression in Primary Care Across Canada Sakina J Rizvi, Etienne Grima, Mary Tan, Susan Rotzinger, Peter Lin, Roger S McIntyre, Sidney H Kennedy eFigure
The Treatment of Nonmelancholic Depression: When Antidepressants Fail, Does Psychotherapy Work? Gordon Parker, Rebecca Graham, Elizabeth Sheppard
Are There Mental Health Differences Between Francophone and Non-Francophone Populations in Manitoba? Mariette Jeanne Chartier, Gregory Finlayson, Heather Prior, Kari-Lynne McGowan, Hui Chen, Randy Walld, Janelle de Rocquigny
Caregiver Reports of Patient-Initiated Violence in Psychosis Juliana Onwumere, Sarah Grice, Philippa Garety, Paul Bebbington, Graham Dunn, Daniel Freeman, David Fowler, Elizabeth Kuipers
  Incentives and Disincentives for the Treatment of Depression and Anxiety: A Scoping Review Rachelle Ashcroft, Jose Silveira, Brian Rush, Kwame McKenzie eTable
A Sex-Specific Comparison of Major Depressive Disorder Symptomatology in the Canadian Forces and the General Population Julie Erickson, D Jolene Kinley, James M Bolton, Mark A Zamorski, Murray W Enns, Jitender Sareen
Using Routinely Collected Clinical Assessments in Mental Health Services: The Resident Assessment Instrument–Mental Health, With Reply

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