July 05, 2015

Vol 60, No 6, June 2015 juin
Print ISSN 0706-7437
Online ISSN 1497-0015

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A National Suicide Prevention Strategy for Canadians—From Research to Policy and Practice
Allison Crawford
Improving Access to Psychosocial Treatments—Integrating Patient, Provider, and Systems Approaches
Sagar V Parikh
A Youth Suicide Prevention Plan for Canada: A Systematic Review of Reviews
Kathryn Bennett, Anne E Rhodes, Stephanie Duda, Amy H Cheung, Katharina Manassis, Paul Links, Christopher Mushquash, Peter Braunberger, Amanda S Newton, Stanley Kutcher, Jeffrey A Bridge, Robert G Santos, Ian G Manion, John D McLennan, Alexa Bagnell, Ellen Lipman, Maureen Rice, Peter Szatmari
Associations of School Connectedness With Adolescent Suicidality: Gender Differences and the Role of Risk of Depression
Donald B Langille, Mark Asbridge, Amber Cragg, Daniel Rasic
Suicide Among Inuit: Results From a Large, Epidemiologically Representative Follow-Back Study in Nunavut
Eduardo Chachamovich, Laurence J Kirmayer, John M Haggarty, Margaret Cargo, Rod McCormick, Gustavo Turecki
Correlates of Nonsuicidal Self-Injury and Suicide Attempts Among Tertiary Care, Emergency Department Patients
Hayley Chartrand, Joanna Bhaskaran, Jitender Sareen, Laurence Y Katz, James M Bolton
Reasons and Determinants for Perceiving Unmet Needs for Mental Health in Primary Care in Quebec
Anne Dezetter, Arnaud Duhoux, Matthew Menear, Pasquale Roberge, Elise Chartrand, Louise Fournier eAppendix 1
Psychotherapy in Contemporary Psychiatric Practice
George Hadjipavlou, Carlos A Sierra Hernandez, John S Ogrodniczuk
Emergency Psychiatry: Clinical and Training Approaches
La psychiatrie d’urgence : formation et pratique clinique
Jodi Lofchy, Peter Boyles, Justin Delwo
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