November 26, 2015


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Scott Patten

Deputy Editor
Roger Bland

Associate Editors
Paul Grof (Book Review Section)
Glenda MacQueen
David L Streiner (Statistical Consultant)
Raymond Tempier (French Submissions)

Editorial Board
James M Bolton
Michael Bond
Brian J Cox
Nicholas Delva
Carolyn S Dewa
Anne Duffy
Murray W Enns
Abel Ickowicz
Laurence Katz
Stephen Kisely
Diana Koszycki
Paul Kurdyak
Paul S Links
Ashok K Malla
Xiangfei Meng
Benoit H Mulsant
Kathleen Pajer
Bruce G Pollock
Tamara Pringsheim
Arun V Ravindran
Neil A Rector
Ronald A Remick
Jitender Sareen
Alexander Simpson
Derryck H Smith
Brett D Thombs
Phil Tibbo

Former Editors-in-Chief
Joel Paris, 2004–2014
Quentin Rae-Grant, 1995–2004
Edward Kingstone, 1977–1995
Frederick H Lowy, 1972–1977
F Rhodes Chalke, 1955 –1971

Director, Scientific Publications
Virginia St-Denis

Senior Copy Editor
Sylvia Pollard

Copy Editor
Candace Taylor

Claire Laberge

Advertising and Production Manager
Smita Hamzeh

Desktop Publisher
Elizabeth Payne

Cheif Executive Officer, CPA
Glenn Brimacombe
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