August 26, 2016


Clinical Practice Guidelines

Management of Anxiety Disorders (2006-2 CPG)

Treatment of Schizophrenia (2005-1 CPG)

Schizophrenia : The Journey to Recovery
A Consumer and Family Guide to Assessment and Treatment

This is a companion to the CPA schizophrenia guidelines.
Downloadable PDF. Searchable PDF.

Treatment of Depressive Disorders (2001-2 CPG)

Professional Guidelines

Clinical Practice Guidelines

Position Papers and Statements

Discussion Papers

CPA Academy Documents

Note: It is the policy of the Canadian Psychiatric Association to review each position paper, policy statement and clinical practice guideline every five years after publication or last review. Any such document on the CPA website that has been published more than five years ago and does not explicitly state it has been reviewed and retained as an official document of the CPA, either with revisions or as originally published, should be considered as a historical reference document only.

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