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Position Papers and Statements

The CPA has published numerous position papers and statements on topical issues related to psychiatric care and practice. Each paper or statement is developed by an expert CPA committee, and reviewed and approved by CPA’s Board of Directors.

Below are links to official CPA position papers and statements organized by topic.

Education and Training

Guidelines for Training in Cultural Psychiatry (2012-53)

Psychotherapy Training of Psychiatrists (2011-30s)

Psychiatric Training in Rural and Remote Areas: Increasing Skills and Building Partnerships (2005-46) Under review.

Filling Gaps in Psychiatric Education: Skills in Administrative Psychiatry and Knowledge of Mental Health Systems, Services, and Policy (2004-45) Under review.

Emerging Trends and Training Issues in the Psychiatric Emergency Room (2004-44) Under review.

Medical Training in Psychiatric Residency: The PGY-1 Experience (2000-40) Under review.

Evidence-Based Psychiatric Practice: Implications for Education and Continuing Professional Development (2000-39) Under review.

Teaching on Gender Issues (1997-32) Under review.

Curriculum Guidelines for Residency Training of Psychiatrists in Substance-Related Disorders (1997-37) Under review.

Trainee Safety in Psychiatric Units and Facilities (1990-23-R1)

Ethical Issues

Courtroom Testimony (2012-5s-R1)

Stigma and Discrimination (2011-51)

The Psychiatrist’s Role in Addressing Stigma and Discrimination (2010-29s)

The Fiduciary Duty of Psychiatrists (2010-47)

The Involvement of Psychiatrists in Coercive Interrogation and Torture (2009-26s)

The Confidentiality of Psychiatric Records and the Patient's Right to Privacy (2000-21s) Under review.

Placebos in Clinical Trials of Psychotropic Medications (1997-34) Under review.

Sexual Relationships with Patients (1995-16s-R1)

Clinical Practice

Freedom of and From Religion (2014-56) NEW

Mental Health Care for People Who Identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and (or) Queer (2014-55) NEW

Intimate Partner Violence (2013-54)

The Use of Seclusion and Restraint in Psychiatry (2011-31s)

The Evolution of Collaborative Mental Health Care (2011-49)

Electroconvulsive Therapy (1992-27-R1)

HIV Infection (1996-17s-R1)

Psychotherapy in Psychiatry (2004-22s) Under review.

Treatment of the Mentally Ill Physician (1997-36) Under review.

Guidelines for Phase IV Clinical Trials (1994-31) Under review.

The Role of Psychiatrists in Quality Review (1994-30)
Under review.

Policy/Legal Issues

The Criminalization of People With Mental Illness (2012-52)

The Treatment of Mental Illness in Correctional Settings (2012-32s)

Access to Newer Medications (2011-50)

Principles Underlying Mental Health Legislation (2010-49)

Psychiatric Human Resources Planning in Canada (2010-48)

Prescription of Psychotropic Medication (2010-28s)

Mandatory Outpatient Treatment (2010-43-R1)

Parity in Time-Based Models (2010-27s)

Media Guidelines for Reporting Suicide (2009-3pp)

Insurability of the Psychiatrically Ill or Those with a Past History of Psychiatric Disorder (1988-21-R1)

Wait Time Benchmarks for Patients with Serious Psychiatric Illnesses (2006-1pp) Under review.

The Role of Mental Health Legislation (2005-24s-R1)

The Duty to Protect (2002-42-R1)

Historical Documents

Prescribing Antidepressants for Depression in 2005: Recent Concerns and Recommendations (2004-23s)

CPA Advisory: Implications for Psychiatrists of the Supreme Court of Canada Starson v. Swayze Decision (2003)

Shared Mental Health Care in Canada (1997-38)

Relating to the Pharmaceutical Industry (1986-18)

Professional Guidelines

Clinical Practice Guidelines

Position Papers and Statements

Discussion Papers

CPA Academy Documents

Note: It is the policy of the Canadian Psychiatric Association to review each position paper, policy statement and clinical practice guideline every five years after publication or last review. Any such document on the CPA website that has been published more than five years ago and does not explicitly state it has been reviewed and retained as an official document of the CPA, either with revisions or as originally published, should be considered as a historical reference document only.

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